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Studying Finnish at the Aalto University Open University

How to choose the Finnish course?

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Studying Finnish at the Aalto University Open University

Proficiency in Finnish is a key to understanding and enjoying Finnish culture and society. In many workplaces Finnish is an important language although the official working language of many international Finnish companies is English. Proficiency in Finnish is often a central factor in recruitment, career advancement and success in working life.

At Aalto University Open University is offered Finnish courses which are equivalent to the Finnish courses taught at Aalto University Language Center. The Finnish courses are planned by the high quality teachers of the Language Center.

At the Open University is currently offered courses from the beginner's level Finnish 1A (CEFR level 0) up to the Finnish 3B (CEFR level A.2.1) Please see more information on CEFR levels.

There are some few places for Open University students in more advanced Finnish courses for the degree students for example Finnish 4A and Finnish 4B.

All courses are 2 credit courses which means about 54 hours student work (active participation in class and completion of the given homework, independent study, 2 hour exam). Courses are intensive and completing the course successfully requires the student's active participation both in class and at home. In the end of the course there is always an examination and by passing the examination you can get the official transcript of records from the course.

The Open University courses are held at Töölö Campus in Helsinki.


How to choose the Finnish course?

At Aalto University Open University is used the language level system called the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CERF, developed by the Council of Europe. Language skills are graded from Basic to Proficient Speaker on a scale of A1–C2 (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Since the Finnish courses offered at the Open University are only 2 credits, the difference between the courses and levels is not always easy to find.  One way to check the course level is for example by familiarising yourself with the course book before enrolling.

The course books used in the courses are as follows:

Gehring, Sonja - Heinzmann, Sanni: Suomen mestari 1 (ISBN 978-951-792-543-3) courses Finnish 1A and Finnish 1B and course Finnish 2A

Gehring, Sonja and Heinzmann, Sanni: Suomen mestari 2, (ISBN 978-951-792-477-1) course Finnish 2A (chapter 1), Finnish 2B , Finnish 3A and Finnish 3B (chapter 8)

Gehring, Sonja; Heinzmann, Sanni; Päivärinne, Sari and Udd, Taija:Suomen mestari 3  (ISBN 978-951-792-568-6) Finnish 3B , Finnish 4A and Finnish 4B


List of Finnish Courses

The courses starts from beginner's level Finnish 1A. Next level course is Finnish 1B and then Finnish 2A and so on.

If you have no knowledge in Finnish you can start from Finnish 1A and complete altogether 16 credits by taking one course after another up to Finnish 4B.

Courses offered in autumn 2018 and late summer 2018

Finnish 1A, evening course,  2 credits
Finnish 1B, evening course, 2 credits
Finnish 2A, evening course, 2 credits
Finnish 2B, evening course, 2 credits starting July 30, 2018
Finnish 2B, evening course, 2 credits, starting October 2018
Finnish 3A, evening course, 2 credits
Finnish 3B, evening course, 2 credits, starting August 13, 2018
Finnish 3B, evening course, 2 credits, starting October 2018
In addition to these courses, there are few places for the Open University students for more advanced level courses which are for the degree students of Aalto University.

Please, see the content and current offerings of the Finnish courses from

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