Spring 2018 courses

  • You can find Spring 2018 Open University courses in this page. Open University may change the course list.
  • Registration for all spring courses is open. Course fee is payable as a part of the online registration process in Aimo Service.
  • Registration ends usually one week before the course starts or just by the beginning of the course. If the course is already full, it is noted after the course name in Aimo Service.
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Courses offered in English:

Built Environment
Participatory Planning L, 5 cr
Traffic Management L, 5 cr
Urban and Regional Development L, 5 cr
Urban Experience L, 5 cr

Chemical Engineering
Environmental Management in Industry, 5 cr

Civil Engineering
Comfortable and Healthy Indoor Environments, 5 cr
Geoinformation in Environmental Modelling, 5 cr
Perspectives on Industrial and Technological Change, 3-6 cr

Corporate Communication
Global online collaboration and team management, 6 cr
Strategic stakeholder relations, 6 op

Communication (Language Center)
Developing Intercultural Competence in the Global Workplace L, 3 cr
Introduction to Intercultural Communication L, 3 cr

Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence, 5 cr
Software Engineering, 5 cr

Personnel Economics, 6 cr

Electrical Engineering
Astronomical View of the World, 3 cr
Electricity Distribution and Markets, 5 cr

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 6 cr

English Business Communication
Business Communication Skills, 3 cr

Finnish Language Courses
Finnish 1A, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 1B, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 2A, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 2B, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 3A, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 3B, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 4A, evening course, 2 cr
Finnish 4B, evening course, 2 cr
Suomea edistyneille, 3 cr
Finnish conversation 2, 1 cr
Finnish 5, 3 cr

Distribution and Logistics Services, 6 cr
Coordination of Supply Chains, 6 cr
Quality Leadership, 6 cr
Service Business Models, 6 cr

Management and International Business
Driving Global Businesses, evening course, 6 cr
Business and Society, 6 cr
Gender and Diversity at Work, 6 cr
Innovation, Strategic Resilience and Renewal, 6 cr (cancelled!)
Inside Work Cultures, Book exam, 6 cr
Introduction to Management and International Business, 6 cr
Management and Strategy Making, book exam, 6 cr
People Management in Multinational Organizations, 6 cr
Responsibility Management, book exam, 6 cr

Management Science
Business Decisions 2, 6 cr
Business Mathematics II, 6 cr
Econometrics, 6 cr
Negotiation Analytics, 6 cr
Time Series Analysis, 6 cr

Consumer Behavior, web course, 6 cr
Integrated Marketing Communications, 6 cr
Market Research, 6 cr
Services Marketing, 6 cr

Differential and integral calculus 3 (5 cr)
First course in probability and statistics, 5 cr
Introduction to abstract algebra, 5 cr
Introduction to Statistical Inference, 5 cr

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