Exams in the field of Business

If a course is arranged by the School of Business (you can find the information in the course description) the exams are also arranged by the School.

Examination practises School of Business


Course examinations

When you register for a course arranged by the School of Business you will be automatically registered for the course examination, 1st examination which is held at the end of the course. Therefore you do not need to register for the first sitting of the course examination (abbreviated KT) if you have already registered for the course.

The time and place of course examinations can be found from the course page syllabus in MyCourses.

Other examinations

Students must register separately for all other examinations arranged by the School of Business (re-examinations and book examinations, for example). Such registration begins two months before and ends 7 days before the examination date. 

Make sure to register for examinations in Aimo web service no later than one week before the examination date.

For example, if your exam is on Friday February 22nd, you should do the registration on Friday February 15th before midnight. Register with your Aimo account and password (not with Aalto account and password).

If you haven't done the exam registration in time, your exam answers will not be graded.


Open University's Own Examination Dates and Places

The examinations organised by the Open University are intended only for those who have taken part in the courses arranged by the Open University whether they are in the field of Business or other fields. You can find the examination dates of the course you have attended in the course description or from the course web page in MyCourses-system. Please, see the exam dates and places

Exam practices

  1. Register for the exam on time, one week before the exam at the latest. If you attedn the course exam you do not need to register.
  2. Exams start on the hour – not quarter past – be there on time.
  3. You get to know the exam hall in the morning of the exam day: In Töölö check the notice board in the lobby of the main building, and in Otaniemi the notice board in the U-wing lobby (door M, Otakaari 1, Kanditalo). In Otaniemi the exams are usually being held in the lecture halls U1-U6.
  4. Check from the list of registered students outside the exam hall that you can find your name on it (NOTE! this concerns exams held by the school). If you don't find your name on the list you can't take the exam.
  5. Turn off your mobile phone.
  6. Leave your bag and coat to the side of the exam hall.
  7. You may only take your pen, eraser and ID (and water bottle if needed) with you to your seat. If calculators are needed, exam supervisors will give them.
  8. If you have any questions (e.g. you want more paper), raise your hand to call the supervisor.
  9. Please concentrate on your own examination paper to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. The supervisors have the right to remove a student from the examination if cheating is suspected.
  10. You can enter the exam hall 30 minutes after official commencement of the exam, the latest! You can leave the exam earliest 35 minutes after the official commencement of the exam.
  11. Return all the exam papers and show your ID when returning the papers.
  12. If you don’t want to have your examination graded, please write clearly on the paper: “Please do not grade my paper”. Course grades will not be removed from the register for any reason. A passing grade will be shown on the transcript. A failing grade will be registered but will not be shown on the transcript. The examination can be retaken, and the best grade obtained will remain on the transcript.


Results and make-up examinations

Teachers have four weeks time to evaluate the examination or assignment as of the examination date or deadline of an assignment. You can check the examination results in WebOodi (with your Aalto IT account). Courses evaluated principally on the basis of the coursework have one final examination and one make-up examination.

Courses evaluated principally on the basis of the final examination have a final examination and two make-up examinations. If you fail to complete the course on any of the examination dates, you must retake the course.

Should you have any questions regarding registration for examinations, please contact the Open University office: avoin [at] aalto [dot] fi or visit the Töölö office.

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